Serialisation and Aggregation

The METS Production Line Serialisation and Aggregation System receives brand and code data from any external source and returns aggregated data to any external repository. Highly configurable, it enables all coding, labelling and code reading devices to be fully connected and controlled.

Track and Trace Hierarchy

Levels Graphic

Level 1

Production Line Devices

METS communicates with each of the Coding, Labelling and Code - Reading devices for the pack, outer, master case and pallet production stages. These devices enable the Serialisation, Marking and Aggregation of the Tobacco products.

Level 2

Production Line Aggregation System

METS is located at the production line and is connected to the factory network. METS includes all Communication, Validation, Visualisation and Automation functionality to manage brand change plus Tobacco product Labelling and Aggregation.

Level 3

Factory and Warehouse Software System

METS automatically communicates with the installed factory software systems to receive brand change information, authority provided Tracking Codes and Labelling Device templates. METS transmits Aggregation Data to outer, master case and pallet level.

Level 4

Corporate and Distribution

The responsibility for receiving Tracking Code Data from the external Code Supplier and storing Aggregation Data from the factory software system at a company-wide level. The tracking of products through the Distribution and Retail Supply Chain.

Level 5

Government and Regulatory

Overall responsibility for the management of the Track and Trace System, provision of the Authority Codes and storage of all Activated Tracking Codes and Tobacco product movements throughout the Supply Chain. Retrieval of tracking Information as required by Regulatory Authorities.